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A powerhouse of a truck in a small but perfectly formed package. Designed and built in house, CBOB4 brings up to date HD router and processing technology from Evertz together with an industry standard 2ME Kayak vision mixer and Calrec Zeta digital audio mixer. Telex comms complete the package in a non-expanding air conditioned chassis that allows CBOB4 to be deployed in spaces where other trucks won’t fit, including kerb-side OBs that require no overhang from expanding sides. CBOB4 perfectly matches well thought out ergonomics with a powerhouse of technology.

Download CBOB4 information sheet

Spec Sheet  
Support Format HD & SD
Number of cameras 12
Length 10.87m
Width 3.5m
Height 4m
Power 2 x 63A CEE Form
Current Draw 40 Amps per cable
Vision Mixer Grass Valley Kayak 48 Input HD/SD
Monitor Stack 4 x 47” Sony LCD, 32 x discreet Source VIP
Monitors Rear 3 x 20” Dell LCD, 12 x discreet Source VIP
Audio Mixer Calrec Zeta Digital Console
Communication Telex Zues III Communication System
Audio Router Evertz 64x 64 stereo
Playback 360 Systems Shortcut / Mini Disc / CD
Cameras 12 Sony SD/HD Cameras, including Super Slo
Lenses Full Range available as required
Vision Router Evertz 128 x 224 HD/SD
VT 6 including full range HD/SD Tape Machines / EVS XT/XT2
EVS 4 EVS machines (Depending on number of VT machines)
XFile Slots 2

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