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12 camera HD with one of the best spec'd OB sound areas of any small truck in the country with Calrec Omega digital audio mixer and full Dolby E 5.1 surround sound. The vision and VT departments are based around Axon routing and processing and production includes a Sony MVS 8000 vision mixer.

With versatile air conditioned accommodation, CBOB7 can fit in the tightest of spaces which is why it is the favored truck for BBC's Question Time, with venues from school playgrounds and market halls to the Houses of Parliament.

Download CBOB7 infomation sheet

Spec Sheet  
Support Format HD & SD
Number of cameras 12
Length 11.3m
Width 5.01m
Height 4.3m
Power 2 x 125A CEE Form
Current Draw 45 Amps per cable
Vision Mixer Sony MVS8000 36 Input HD/SD 3 ME
Monitor Stack 2 x 14” HD CRT, 32 x 10” HD CRT
Monitors Rear 7 x 10” HD CRT
Audio Mixer Calrec Omega 56 Fader Digital Desk
Communication Telex Adam Communication System
Audio Router Axon 128x128, 4 AES Levels
Playback 5.1 Spot On,360 Systems Shortcut / Mini Disc / CD
Cameras 12 Sony SD/HD Cameras, including Super Slo
Lenses Full Range available as required
Vision Router Axon 128 x 128 HD/SD
VT 10 including full range HD/SD Tape Machines / EVS XT/XT2
EVS 4 EVS machines (Depending on number of VT machines)
XFile Slots 2

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