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Client: CTV OB

The greatest show on Earth.

Summer 2012 saw all eyes on London for the Olympic Games and the Opening Ceremony was the first chance to see the culmination of years of planning and preparation. With excitement building, the Olympic Torch was already well en route to the stadium taking in communities all over the UK and the big question was how it was going to arrive at the Olympic Park.

With CTV, a long standing customer of Cloudbass, providing the technical facilities to cover the Opening Ceremony, there was a requirement to provide a self contained OB for the actual arrival of the torch, by boat, into the Olympic Park. With all of CTV’s facilities committed on this and other projects, they turned to Cloudbass to supply the complete solution. Project Max was born!

Stephen Daldry, director of Billy Elliot, was in charge of covering the torch arrival and insisted on the highest of technical standards to achieve his vison for this short but vital section of the ceremony. CBOB4, Cloudbass’ 12 camera HD truck was parked by the water polo venue and went through a number of rehearsals to ensure that the coverage was perfect.

On the night, David Beckham drove the boat into the Olympic Park where a special pontoon had been created to receive the boat and its special cargo. With one chance at the coverage Cloudbass filmed the handover to legendary Olympic Champion, Sir Steve Redgrave who then took the Olympic flame into the stadium.

A technically perfect shoot, which drew on all of the very best of what Cloudbass offers, from staff to kit to trucks, this iconic moment will forever live in the memories of all those involved, especially as the truck was parked right in the firing zone for the explosion of fireworks that drew the ceremony to a close!

A night to remember.

Acticle Published: 27/11/2012


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