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Client: BBC Events

In 2016, Our Majesty the Queen celebrated her 90th Birthday and Cloudbass Graphics were very privileged to be chosen by the BBC to design and create a branding package for their coverage of events. We were asked to produce a variety of graphical elements, including the title sequence, that would be used across a number of broadcasts in April and June.

One of the first and arguably most important parts of the branding package was to create the title sequence. We wanted to take the viewers on a journey through important moments of the Queen’s life, creating a very visual time-line of events. We used still photography in our sequence, as this not only provided us with the best quality of image it also encapsulated each moment perfectly with a very uncluttered and clear visual. We didn’t want the images to feel flat, so we edited each photograph; cutting out the subject, painting or filling in the background and creating separate layers. This allowed us to create a 3D parallax effect on screen as the cameras panned across the photographs in the composition.

The title sequence ended in our logo for the Queen’s 90th Birthday. We wanted the logo to feel elegant and regal, but also convey a sense of celebration. Designed in Adobe Illustrator and rendered in Maxon Cinema 4D, we created something that was fitting for the occasion. The logo was then animated and brought into After Effects for further treatment and integrated into the final sequence.

Other elements our design team were tasked to produce developed naturally from our title sequence; a variety of name straps, replay wipes and looping backgrounds all featured in the brand and have been used across the coverage. We added the flexibility to quickly create different end boards for each of the different events and liaised closely with the BBC with further requests in the lead up to each broadcast.

Acticle Published: 08/06/2016

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