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Our CloudCast application enables broadcasters to interact with their audience through the power of social media. Twitter is one of the best resources for real-time information and reaction and it suites itself well to broadcast graphics due to its 140 character limit. This encourages tweets to be to the point, creating pertinent bursts of information which can be read very quickly for both the producer and viewer alike.

Our fast, simple yet powerful work flow enables a tweet to be sourced, edited and displayed on-screen in a matter of seconds using our graphics systems. This replaces the older, time consuming systems, of re-typing tweets or copy and pasting, which allows the graphic operator to focus on the broadcast. CloudCast puts the power into the producers hands, rather than the graphics operator.

The front-end of the application runs from a web interface, designed for standard web-browsers and iPads alike. Due to this optional wireless operation the producer is not tied to the graphic operators position, and can be located anywhere on the network.

The web interface allows easy searching for tweets by hashtag, phrase or username. This produces a stack of results which can be scrolled through and selected to be put air. Our edit function is very important to amend tweets that are either misspelt, part irrelevant, offensive or grammatically incorrect. As the CloudCast application can also broadcast the user image along with their tweet, it can also replace inappropriate imagery with a non-offensive default image allowing producers to maintain a high quality of production while adhering to the broadcast guidelines.

Programmes may use tweets in a variety of ways. During a show you might want to display tweets individually or as part of a crawl. CloudCast enables you to select a tweet for specific types of graphics meaning you can highlight particularly good tweets in a lower frame graphic, while running a crawl of the others.

Finally, control of the graphic remains with the graphics operator at all times. Information is pulled off the server at the click of a button, and put to air instantly. This ensures that there are no on-air issues or accidental triggers of graphics and creates a clear linear workflow.

CloudCast is a great solution to get social media integrated into your programme. It has already had a range of success in both sport & events programming.

Have a look at our BBC First Night of the Proms project to see how CloudCast was used on the Red Button. Click Here.

"The Cloudbass CloudCast application was easy to use and allowed us to react in seconds"
Michael Gray,
BBC Red Button Producer

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