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In 2013, British Eurosport announced that they would be showing the FIM Speedway Grand Prix series and the FIM Speedway World Cup and Cloudbass Graphics were already providing World Feed graphics for both events (see our FIM Speedway Grand Prix & World Cup project for more information).

British Eurosport would want to be on-site at the British round of both these series and Cloudbass could offer the complete Outside Broadcast solution. British Eurosport saw the benefits of this and commissioned Cloudbass to provide facilities for both the British Grand Prix at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium and Event 2 of the World Cup at Kings Lynn. Facilities were supplied by Cloudbass, and included a Cloudbass Graphics operator.

Lead Designer Rob Stewart set to work building graphics for the British Eurosport brand in VizRT. All of the graphics were built to be controlled by Trio. At the same time, people were hard at work in Ripley ensuring that the Outside Broadcast would run smoothly.

Our outside broadcast vehicles, CBOB7 and RAID, were on site and provided transmission and edit facilities for British Eurosport. The graphics comprised of Presenter Name Supers, Rider Name Supers, Analysis Straps, Trails, Leader Boards, Coming Next and Rider Profiles.

On the 1st of June British Eurosport hosted their first Speedway Outside Broadcast from Cardiff, courtesy of Cloudbass.

On the 15th July, the same provision was at Kings Lynn for the World Cup. Graphics were as above, but with World Feed style leader boards. The reason for this was that with just four teams on the leader board, a British Eurosport style graphic would have had a lot of blank space. This was cleared with BSI beforehand. Team GB finished second to progress to the race off in Prague, but British Eurosport’s OB’s ended here.

Acticle Published: 05/12/2013

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