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Client: Liverpool FC TV

Cloudbass provides complete production facilities to Liverpool FC TV with a demand for the same high level solution but for a smaller production. However with live presentation, interviews, graphics and commentary from site, the pressure on every part of the facilities provision to deliver can be even higher.

With coverage provided week in week out for the live Reserve and Academy games, Cloudbass also provided presentation facilities for both the Wembley Cup Finals that Liverpool made it to in the 2011/2012 season.

With the creation of Cloudbass Graphics at the start of 2012, LFCTV received the attention of a dedicated graphics team to look after their productions as part of the whole package. This has ensured that they receive the very highest level of service in all areas with a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Matches are usually held at Liverpool Academy in Kirkby with some away matches throughout the football season, and the Cloudbass trucks and operators are always on site.

For less demanding productions Clouudbass Graphics have extensive experience with Liveboard, which is a well featured graphics solution at a more accessible price point. Although it is not as feature rich as its Viz counter-part, it can create great graphics for smaller productions.

Using Liveboad software we are able to fully cover live presentation and match graphics including team line-ups, formations, match clocks, scorelines, bookings, sendings off, substitutes and individual player stats.

Acticle Published: 09/11/2012

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