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At Cloudbass Graphics we offer a wide range of sports applications to cover many live sporting events. Each application is customised to the requirements of the sport and modified to meet the demands of the production company.

From Football to Rugby to Boxing each application is presented in a way that is not just informative but also enhances the experience for the viewer by being able to process different types of data. We can also interface with third party data partners and process their data for our graphics.

With football we offer all the standard graphics; Team lineups, match clock, player supers with stats if required, subs, bookings, sendings off. We are also ready to provide aggregate scores, extra-time graphics and penalties if required. Boxing takes us to another level whilst providing a generic boxing package we also (at amateur level) interface with the judges to provide round by round score cards.

These are just a few examples and we do offer a wide range of graphics solutions for many other sports including Shinty/Hurling where team formations may include up to 14 players. Here we can create bespoke app to allow for these extra players on the pitch and rolling substitutions.

Cloudbass Graphics also supply a software application and design package for the FIM Speedway Grand Prix and FIM Speedway World Cup. Within this package we supply audio with each animating graphic and software driven audio/video headshots for some of the graphic sequences.

Other events which have required our bespoke applications include FIA European Rallycross Championship, British Touring Car Championship, MotoGP, Race of Champions, Badminton Horse Trials, Liverpool TV and West Bromwich Albion big screen. Each event different, each requiring a tailored solution.

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