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Client: Century TV

A little over three weeks prior to the start of the 2012 season, we received a call from the Managing Director of Century TV looking for a new graphics partner. As we have a lot of experience in motorcycle sport, and other motorsport, Cloudbass Graphics were the ideal company for the job and have been able to continue to supply our services for the 2013 season.

BBC Sport supplied us with the following Vizrt graphics templates to be used on each of the MotoGP events.

Cloudbass Software
New software was needed that could supply the data for all those graphics, but would additionally have the flexibility to add and remove riders whenever entry lists changed. Also, the Championship standings had to be automatically recalculated from the Race Result on the click of a button. Before each event a Season Calendar was needed to show the MotoGP winner from preceding races and the dates of any races yet to come.

Cloudbass Hardware
MotoGP was shown on the BBC in HD for the first time this year, so we supplied graphics kit that was easily up to the job. Our Vizrt HD graphic engine was transported and operated, on site, at all the European rounds. For events further afield our software integrated with 3rd party Viz systems at BBC Northern Ireland, where the main production was based. Now that's flexibility.

A new way of delivering graphics...
The biggest difference between MotoGP and other Cloudbass Graphics jobs is that CenturyTV operate the software themselves so it has to be easy to use. The software development took under a week, and was supplied to Century TV in good time, along with a user guide, for the opening round. Recommendations from Century TV following the opening race were noted, and the software was quickly modified to match their requirements. At the British Grand Prix, Cloudbass visited the TV Compound and ensured that the operator was happy with both our hardware & software. One further development was requested later on in the season that would allow additional graphics to be shown. The additional graphics were adapted from BBC Sport’s original delivery, and additional functionality introduced into the software.

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