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Client: MUTV

Cloudbass have provided outside broadcast facilities for MUTV for a couple of years and at the end of 2013 Cloudbass Graphics joined the facilities team providing presentation and match graphics.

Previously, graphics had been added onto the live pictures from an off-site position in the Old Trafford studios, however moving the work flow on-site made sense when considering the production of a live football match. We have used the powerful Viz Engine to give the graphics ultimate flexibility, usability and aesthetics.

Brand new bespoke football software was developed in conjunction with the brand new graphics adding many more features to the package than were previously available creating a complete solution.

The graphic design was conceived from MUTV's existing graphics package however we were giving the freedom to suggest new functionality and design ideas to allow the design to be the best it could be. Rob Stewart, Lead graphics Developer, tweaked and simplified the use of colour, font sizes and added new elements and animations to help give the viewer the information they need and the experience they expect.

Further to that we used DataPool to add logic from within the scenes themselves, removing some of the load and complexity from the software interface, created a new process for rendering directly from the software interface and added all the features that a high-end graphics package shouldn't exist without.

The new software interface was built from the ground up using a Microsoft Access database was chosen to store all the data. This would be accessed from the software using SQL queries to read data from and write data back to the database. The feature-rich software is able to record appearances, goals, yellow cards, and substitute appearances. Teams and players can be added, edited or deleted with ease. The well thought-out graphical user interface uses clearly laid out forms which masks the more complex database back-end while giving the operator the maximum flexibility to drive the graphics.

Team formations, always problematic as they can have unlimited combinations; and hyphenated surnames, meant that our software designer and graphic developer have had to work closely together to provide the operator with ultimate control over player positioning. Support for multiple databases enabling different leagues with different teams or player squads from a single codebase was designed from the outset. All league results are stored in the database, and can quickly be queried to produce a league table. Branding is also software controlled, meaning league and cup competitions requiring different logos is a simple change.

We haven't just created a Match graphics solution as Presentation is also catered for. Names can be added for any guests. Match analysis straps are automatically created when a goal is scored. Trails with images or live video can be configured and played out from the software. One-click rendering as pioneered in RX Software is included, but modified in conjunction with lead designer Rob Stewart. This is a prime example of us continually trying to improve products.

Acticle Published: 13/12/2013

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