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At Cloudbass Graphics one of our key areas of expertise is providing race graphics for a variety of motorsports. Our fundamental understanding of motorsport, relationships with timing providers and the 'drive' to constantly evolve our systems make us a leader in what is a data driven sport.

Our staff have had many years of experience in developing and operating graphics for motorsport through our own software. Our various Race Applications interpret timing data and turn it into useful information that can then be passed on and shown on a graphic. Examples of graphics include, but not limited to, grids, lap counters, countdown timers, safety car information, classifications, dropdowns, intervals, lap comparisons, battles, flippers, name supers, results and points tables. We even have graphics which can grow as we append more information, for instance, as cars cross the line.

Another aspect of building a great Race Application is its ease and speed of use. Motorsports by their very nature are fast and furious, events occur within seconds and can occur concurrently. Our job is to let viewers (and on occasion commentators) know what is happening and who is involved as soon as possible. Often the operators will have free-reign of the in-race graphics allowing them to respond to the action as it happens. With this in mind our Race Applications are designed to allow the operators to send graphics to air quickly. For instance, during the British Touring Car Championship the director can cut to a car spinning off and we can usually name the driver graphically in about 1 second.

During a race weekend our Race Applications can log each race, second by second, and we can replay the data for the races at any time. We also have the ability to save and recall past race results, grids and points tables.

All our applications are specifically tailored to each sport we cover as no two sports, or motor racing series, are ever exactly the same. In 2013 we produced a new Race Application for the FIA European Rallycross Championship, a brand new format with brand new rules. Likewise we have produced bespoke applications for other motorsport events such as MotoGP, British Touring Car Championship, Race of Champions, Speedway World Cup & Goodwood Revival.

We also produce a variety of Match Applications and our social media interface, Tweetcast.

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"Cloudbass Graphics are the masters of innovation and constantly evolve the package we receive"
Simon Parry, BTCC Series Editor

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