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Client: IMG

Spread over nine events throughout Europe starting at a place whose postcode ends with RX, is the IMG promoted European Rallycross Championship.

Two litre, turbocharged, four-wheel drive cars capable of accelerating as quickly as a Formula 1 car, but running on a mixture of gravel and tarmac are spectacular, and IMG wanted a pack of graphics to reinforce the drama of the sport. In awe of our BSI Speedway graphics, Cloudbass were the obvious choice to produce a set of designs which could match that exhibition of power, competition and adrenalin. It was not a difficult task with the talented design staff at Cloudbass Graphics.

One of the initial design briefs was to make the graphics stand out from the crowd. With this in mind we tried to bring some of the themes of the sport into the design; its power, grunge and unpredictability. We also wanted to make the graphics were as visual as possible bringing car imagery, colours and driver video headshots into the grids and other graphics allowing viewers to create associations between the cars they see in our designs and those they see on the circuit. If you add to that flexibility, switching leaderboards, dramatic sounds and striking replay wipes it is fair to say we have produced another great, functional set of graphics to a very unique sport.

We also developed our own bespoke software tailored to the new rallycross format, interfacing to a Hungarian Timekeeping company (Chronomoto) for the live timing data.  MySQL was chosen as the database to store all the data. Tables and queries were designed and software written to read data from Chronomoto and store it for later use.

Over half of the events will be live on TV, and a post-produced show would be edited on-site for the remainder. This meant that graphics had to be software controlled for playing out at live events, or rendered as QuickTime files to the edit suites for the non-live events. Trying to render graphics that are software controlled usually leads to problems as the two are normally not interchangeable. Cloudbass Graphics overcame this problem by the designer and software developer working together to come up with a way for the software to change the graphics from software controlled to renderable. This was achieved and a simple tick box changes the playout type from live to rendered. This makes the operator much more productive.

Acticle Published: 04/04/2013

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