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Client: BSI Speedway

FIM Speedway Grand Prix

How it works
Four riders keep turning left over four laps and a race is over in less than a minute. Easy? Not for the riders. They race 500cc single-geared machines with no brakes. Its hectic, dangerous and exciting.

12 Grand Prix meetings per season. March 2012 saw the series start in New Zealand followed by events held throughout Europe.

Sixteen riders compete in the FIM Speedway Grand Prix Series of which 15 are regulars, the other one is a wild card nomination in each of the 12 rounds. Riders wear the same number in every meeting. The wild card is number 16.
The top eight at the end of the season automatically go through to next year’s series.

Each meeting will be composed of 23 heats. In the main event each rider races five times and meets every other rider in the meeting once.

Race format
In the main event riders will be awarded race points according to their finishing position in each race. After heat 20 the top 8 riders will go through to the semi-final.

Both winner and second place in the semi-finals will qualify for the final and gates will be decided on points classification.

Grand Prix Points
Total points gained for each event will be carried forward to the next event and added to the riders series points. The rider with the highest points tally at the end of the season will be confirmed world champion for that year.


FIM Monster Energy Speedway World Cup

How it works
The same as SGP but this time the riders are racing for their countries rather than individuals.

Four events raced over eight days in three different countries.

Teams & Format
Eight teams will compete in the FIM Monster Energy Speedway World Cup. Four riders per team. The new seeding procedures ensure that the host country is automatically seeded into the Final. Three places in each Event 1 and Event 2 are taken by the top six countries from the previous year’s classification (after the host country has been removed). The last place in each Event will be taken by the winner of each of the two Qualifying Rounds.

The 2nd and 3rd placing in both Event 1 and Event 2 will go through to the Race Off with the winner of this Event progressing through to the Final.

The winners of Event 1 and Event 2 will join the Host Nation and the winner of the Race Off.

Points for each heat are awarded in the same way as SGP but added to collated country points rather than individual points.

Final Result
The country with the most points in the Final will be deemed World Champions for that season.


What is Cloudbass Graphics involvement the the SGP/SWC Series?

Cloudbass Graphics are the sole provider of all live host broadcast graphics for the FIM Speedway Grand Prix series and FIM Monster Energy Speedway World Cup. Graphics are broadcast using Vizrt in high definition and one operator controls the output via our own bespoke software at every race meeting, whether in the UK, Europe or the other side of the world.

Our bespoke data-driven graphics solution covers all host presentation graphics, replay wipes, race line-ups (with still & video headshots) and in-race graphics, as well as scoring, leaderboard and tournament graphics. Our systems are also flexible enough to add new functionallity & graphics mid-season as and when they are needed.

With a major sponsor, Monster Energy, coming on board in 2012 we redesigned the existing graphics to incorporate their logo. In addition to that, we totally redesigned the whole graphics package for the FIM Monster Energy Speedway World Cup to reflect the new sponsor which included new 3D trophy models, layouts, colour-schemes and slick animations. We also added new software functionality to comply with rule changes for 2012.

With experienced and professional operators, designers and programmers we are able to provide a one stop solution for all host graphics both live and post production to BSI for their speedway coverage, shown in over 150 territories worldwide.

Acticle Published: 08/11/2012

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