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Our system of choice is the Vizrt engine graphics system. It is one of the major systems available and is implemented in many graphics houses, newsrooms and studios around the world. We have many years experience in using Vizrt products and we are currently using the very latest versions of Viz Artist, Trio and Engine on our equipment.

"Vizrt provides real-time 3D graphics and asset management tools for the broadcast industry."

Vizrt software can be very complex, this depth allows us to create stunning graphics that can update with new data at a click of a button. The real-time 3D render engine enables us to create 3D graphics that look both beautiful and animate smoothly, without the need for pre-rendered video clips which can stutter, especially in the higher definitions. As everything is built using the Viz Artist 'building blocks' changing an aspect of the design is also a lot quicker and easier than if it was a video clip.

Vizrt allows us to integrate 3rd party software into its system, enabling us to receive data, turn it into information and then push that information into the render engine plus any addition commands. Here at Cloudbass we build our own applications to control Viz Engine. As no sport or event is the same our bespoke software allows us to maximise the functionality of our graphics. We also use Vizrt's own playout software, Trio, to compliment our bespoke software which means we can be flexible with the operation of a broadcasters presentation style.

Viz Engine can also produce SD, HD and 3D outputs and we're experienced in working with all three.

Have a look at our Goodwood Fesitival of Speed project where we had machines running all 3 output formats.

If you are looking for high quality broadcast graphics with great flexibility then the Cloudbass Vizrt graphics system will deliver. Contact us for further information.

We also have a simple, operator-less Vizrt solution, where we give you all the tools you need to run your own graphics. Read our MotoGP project to find out more.


ClassX Liveboard is a graphics system for the budget conscious. Although it doesn't have some of the features that the Viz system has, Liveboard is more than capable in producing a high quality output both in HD and SD.

Liveboard has a range of 'building block' design tools and also has the ability to play video clips. It can also create an array of different animations that render in real-time.

Liveboard has great data options allowing it to retrieve information from spreadsheets, databases and XML feeds. We have used these datasets for projects such as live football match coverage, music festivals and award shows.

If you are looking for a less-feature rich system that can still produce a high quality output then Liveboard maybe your answer. Contact us and we'll help you choose a system that's best for you.


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