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Client: BBC Events

The Teaching Awards celebrate the achievements of the best teaching talent the UK has to offer. In 2013 the awards ceremony was held at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London and Cloudbass Graphics designed, supplied and operated all the big screen and post-production graphics.

Cloudbass Graphics had the role of creating all the motion graphics elements for the show. This included stings, name supers and opening and closing sequences for the post-produced broadcast. We also had to create graphics for the ceremony itself; category names, winners and animations for the musical number, to be centre stage on the big screen.

Working closely with Victoria Simpson, producer and director of the Teaching Awards for BBC Events, Cloudbass Graphics began designing the initial look & feel before fine tuning the design to create the final artwork. We wanted to create a design centred around the award itself, the Plato.

"We used a strong purple background as it complemented the golden Plato award, the glowing particles in the background added a touch of glamour but also creates that feeling of a foundry where the award was formed and finally the waves of colour link back to the hair of Plato."

Rob Stewart, Lead Designer

The Plato award was filmed and then rotoscoped using After Effects and animated in to the composition, along with live-action particles and the coloured waves. Once the main title graphic was designed and animated we created graphics to announce category names and winners. We wanted to be able to flow from one graphic to another without using any jump cuts or switching to another graphic so we recreated the design in Viz Artist. The use of Transition Logic allowed us to control the seamless animation of moving from one state to another as we would be constantly be outputting to the big screen. This meant we weren't limited to showing graphics in a particular order which gave the graphics operator maximum flexibility.

The big screen background design for the performance from Matilda

Along with a looping background for the award ceremony itself Cloudbass Graphics also designed a background loop for the musical performance of 'Quiet' from the stage production of Matilda, which formed a part of the Teaching Awards show.

The BBC production of the Teaching Awards was named 'Britain's Classroom Heroes' so additional designs had to be created using this new name. This included a sting at the beginning of the show, presenter cards, name supers and credits roll. We tied everything back to elements within the initial design, giving the whole production a unified look.

All the main post produced elements were delivered prior to the ceremony itself, we supplied an operator and HD Viz engine on the day of the ceremony and finally any additional artwork for post-production was supplied in the week leading up to the programmes broadcast.

Acticle Published: 04/12/2013

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