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Driven by our values

With technology as our bedrock we have a unique approach to facilities delivery.  Our fleet of OB trucks provide UHD, 1080p and 1080i, HDR and SDR in a range of sizes to fit any venue or budget.  With scalable IP trucks, utilising SMPTE 2110 and 2022-6 and conventional HD-SDI topology the Cloudbass fleet offers a technological solution to deliver the most complex of OB’s.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do however this is not at the expense of robust productions. Getting to air and staying there is our number one priority for your content. That said, we have pioneered in many areas, such as taking the first sports property to a completely tapeless workflow in 2011 for ITV and BTCC to a fully integrated 2110 IP UHD truck for Sky in 2019, the first of its kind in the UK. Our investment and innovation has continued in many areas with a Riedel Mediornet distributed UHD router for CBOB10 and cutting edge sustainable power systems for SPFL and Sky. Responsible innovation to make your programmes better is what we do.


Our UK Headquarters in the East Midlands puts us nearer to the action all of the time, large trucks for large work and smaller trucks and vans for smaller work is one more efficient way of working which adds up to more sustainable delivery.  Cloudbass Scotland has a dedicated staff team supplemented by local freelancers delivering over 150 OBs per year, with resources, key skills and knowledge retained within the region, as well as saving OB miles and the carbon-footprint. Our unique in-house carbon calculator can help with your Albert certification requirements.

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20+ Years in the making

Formed in 2002 with an ambition to deliver to the highest standards, Cloudbass has grown into a major OB force, with an often underestimated depth of experience. 

Initially providing crew to other facilities providers, the extensive experience and skills within the team led to requests for our own facility provision.

Here is a brief history of our work.

  • 2011 First HD facilities launched

  • 2012 David Beckhams flame carrying trip up the river to the Olympic Park for the Opening Ceremony

  • 2012 Began our relationship with BBC’s flagship political debate Question Time

  • 2014 Our new CBOB1 launched to provide ITV Sport coverage of the British Touring Car Championship

  • 2014 Sky Sports SPL coverage started

  • 2017 Cloudbass begins Radio 1 Big Weekend coverage

  • 2018 World War One Remembered wins BAFTA Award 2018 – ‘Best Live Event’

  • 2019 Winterwatch begins

  • 2020 BBC Springwatch won the BAFTA - 'Best Live Event'

  • 2021 Eurosport BSB became the latest British motorsport event to move over to Cloudbass facilites

  • 2022 The Queens 70th Jubilee is hosted from CBOB10 based just outside Buckingham Palace

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CBOB1 Layout Small

24 Camera HD
Double Expanding Artic

CBOB4 Layout Small

12 Camera HD

CBOB5 Layout Small

12 Camera HD
Single Expanding Short Artic

CBOB7 Layout Small

12 Camera HD
Expanding Rigid

CBOB8 Layout Small

20 Camera UHD 3G HD
Single Expanding Artic

CBOB9 Layout Small

24 Camera UHD 3G HD
Triple Expanding Artic

CBOB10 Layout Small

24 Camera HDR UHD 3G HD
Triple Expanding Artic

CBOB11 Layout Small

24 Camera HDR 3G HD
Double Expanding Artic

CBOB12 Layout Small

24 Camera HD
Double Expanding Artic

CBOB14 Layout Small

4 Camera HD

CBOB15 Layout Small

12 Camera 3G HD

CBOB16 Layout Small

4/6 Camera HD

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CBOB18 Layout Small

24 Camera HD
Double Expanding Artic

CBOB19 Layout Small

24 Camera HD
Double Expanding Artic

CBVT1 Layout Small

Space, comms and monitoring for
8 EVS Ops, Co-ord and Edit

CBVT2 Layout Small

Space, comms and monitoring for
8 EVS Ops, Co-ord and 2 x Edits

CBVT3 Layout Small

Fully functional VT truck for
14 EVS Ops, Co-ord and 2 x Edits

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A variety of production support vehicles including tenders, gensets, studio trucks and many more...

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Cloudbass is unique in undertaking a wide range of services within broadcast to provide our clients with an integrated solution that avoids some of the problems that may occur with multiple vendors.

We also work alongside third party providers of these services and can provide these solutions in isolation to other clients, however, when we bring our world class broadcast facilities and services together then that is when our delivery of your output really shines.


"Graphics you're in"

The Broadcast Graphics team have a lower third for you.  With years of programming and graphical design across the team their attention to detail and bespoke packages have the ability to bring your productions to life. 

The latest hardware and custom built software enables the team to deliver projects across the world.

Image 18-07-2022 at 16.35.jpg


The full spectrum of options

Cloudbass has UHD, 3G and HD radio cameras and links allowing the most flexible of programme making.  Utilising full broadcast cameras, box cameras and lightweight PoV cameras, as well as point-to-point links and reverse vision wireless monitors. 

RF Engineering teamed with Fibre Systems, Power Solutions and Special Cameras allows unparalleled access to unique coverage of your special event.


"It's light Jim, but not as we know it"

Our Fibre team offer the full gamut of fibre optic solutions.  Fibre termination, including SMPTE and ST, onsite fibre splicing, and customised installations make up some of the ways we deliver onsite.

With a large range of fibre equipment for all types of signals, Cloudbass’ ability to exceed our clients’ expectations over the largest of sites and distances is renowned.  UK motorsport, Springwatch, Hundred Cricket and the 70th Jubilee Hub are some of the large area events that the team support.



We've got the power

Sustainable power supply is a key factor in the ability to deliver low-carbon and carbon neutral OBs.  What was acceptable for generations past now needs clean, appropriately sized power solutions for each situation. 

Cloudbass offers solutions which provide redundancy and capacity when and where it counts.


Who wants a normal camera?

Cameras on helmets, cameras on poles, cameras on cars, cameras in dressing rooms, cameras on basketball hoops and goals.  Underwater cameras and cameras on bicycles...


Where do you want one?

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Our people define us

Reasons why we're an industry leading place to work:

  • Comprehensive private healthcare scheme including dental and optical that can be expanded to cover immediate family

  • Unique Performance and Progression review scheme to enable you to chart your career

  • Embedded culture of cross discipline learning and development

  • Access to the latest broadcast technology and workflows

  • Centrally booked hotels and travel with generous onsite allowances

  • Company Electric Vehicle scheme allowing you to transition to sustainable transport in and out of work

  • A shareholder owned and operated business meaning you have daily direct interaction with decision makers

  • Secure employment. We have been trading and building the business for more than 20 years

If you are looking for a staff position please contact us below

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United Kingdom HQ: Unit 1, Bradley Park, High Holborn Rd, Ripley, DE5 3NW

Cloudbass Scotland: Unit 1, Grays Road, Glasgow, G71 6ET

01773 744485

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